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Needs, the engine for marketing

All business activities are ultimately aimed at sales that are reflected in the volume of profits during a certain period, regardless of the nature of these activities, whether tangible products, services or even charity.
The way to sales can only be baved through marketing at least in the last 30 years This is basic information in the business world that you can not ignore in any way. But there is a big problem about marketing especially the accuracy of the accurate definition of marketing science and what activities that require your business to reflect the impact on sales figures.
The Arab and Egyptian markets, in particular, have been used to confusing the concept of marketing and the concept of advertising, although advertising is part of marketing science.
In this article we take the first step in any project from a marketing point of view:
At the beginning of your project, you have to answer only one question. Make all the effort, time and even money;

Is there a need for this product in the market targeted?
Does the target customer feel that his or her life is not regular due to the absence of the service you intend to offer?
Your understanding of the needs of customers for a product or service is half the way to sales and then profit, but it is difficult to realize this by the traditional means of personal convictions or the question of those who are convinced of you as a friend or a relative.
real example : In the field of real estate, the profession of realtor or real estate broker, which is a small offices or individuals without any control is working to find the right property for people who are looking for properties that suit them.
the need: Acompany appeared to show that there is a promising market in this field and found that there is a need for several points that the broker can not provide to customers and found the following:
There is no transparency of information as it is done in closed rooms or on the phone.
Images sent to customers are poor images and may be inaccurate and deceptive.
Bad customer service Lack of abundant offers in the area of ​​purchase You can not check the broker or broker after completing the purchase

You can not check the broker or broker after completing the purchase
Thus, the company that conducted the market research on the need for new service found that there is a real chance in the market. Services have become more professional and accurate and makes the client accept to pay an extra amount in exchange for receiving a good service such as the service of MAP or show property.
Another example : Taxi and Taxis
the problems : Estimated cost of the trip Uneven level of service performance No censor on performance Supply and demand variations Selective excursions as desired by taxi driver And other problems
And the emergence of companies Ober and Karim and others to fill the gap and the need of the market to cover these problems.
The cars showed the best quality At a cost known to both parties Excellent service and the possibility of evaluating the two parties The service is available all the time and most places The customer accepts to pay extra for a more disciplined service.

The customer accepts to pay extra for a more disciplined service.
The two examples show that the company that intends to enter the market knows that it has studied well whether there is a basic need for customers or not. And how it can meet this need.
What should be done : Look for the need in the market around you and tell us to help you and show you the steps that will help you build your project.
Dr. Yasser Salama

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